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Marble is a metamorphic Stone, which means it is made up of limestone that was exposed to intense pressure and high temperatures over a long period of time. This causes the material to go through a molten phase, which allows minerals to come in and give marble the distinct swirls and veins. Marble is of medium hardness and is Ideal for Kitchen Counter Tops, Bathrooms, floors, foyers, and fireplace surrounds. Marble has also been used for centuries for making monuments and statues and is still the top choice for stone sculptures. With the beautiful patterns and amazing polish, marble can bring elegance to your home. Marble is found in wonderful places around the world such as: Italy, Canada, Spain, Greece, and many more. Like granite, marble quarries can be known for a specific color.

Care and Maintenance:

While Marble is a very durable stone, when the finish is polished one must take care to prolong the finish. Standing water will cause the finish to fade. When using polished marble as a countertop you must be careful not to leave anything that might cause stains from rust, Chemicals, or food. Harm to the polish can also be caused by acidic food, that could etch the finish over time, and you should never use bleach, comet, or any acidic cleaners for they will have the same affect. Marble countertops will need to be sealed and resealed occasionally, and it is recommended that you consult your fabricator or builder for the best sealing product and timeline for sealing.

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